We heard from YOU.

This year we decided to do something radical. We pointed the camera at our customers, competitors, colleagues and friends to get feedback. Our aim was to hear from YOU and to learn the story of how you are Building Better Cities.

We set up a "Speaker's Corner" booth on the tradeshow floor at Construct Canada 2014 and invited you to have a seat, close the door and record your own videos. And the response couldn’t have been better.

You told us how you are Building Better Cities by planning better transportation infrastructure, building to surpass codes and push the envelope on sustainable homes, all the while considering safety while doing it. We learned how you make our communities more livable, more cohesive and more sustainable.

Let's hear what you had to tell Lafarge and the world wide web. Be sure to share with your friends and colleagues. There are some really great stories!

Speaker's Corner Booth Videos